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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Inés better known as "China" has conquered several countries with her photographic art and writings. Her main objective is to reveal all the values ​​learned in life through the image and the concept, creating art for the five senses. Her portraits and conceptual stories link nature in it's rawest and purest state, putting the viewer's state of consciousness to work both emotionally, mentally and spiritually,

resulting in an encounter with his own soul.

China is inspired by freedom, everything that is natural, real, playful, breaking with paradigms. She's  inspired by traveling understanding that life is a gift, created from experience.

Autobiography of desire

​ ​ ​ A few years ago I read my first book on how to increase the energy potential field of each human being. A very close friend of mine lent it to me on a trip we took, promising me that it had changed his life and that he was surprised every day when he realized He realized that everything he asked for after reading it was given to him in a very natural way. I started reading excited when I returned to Buenos Aires. That past year had been very hard for me after having gone through a very strong crisis that clearly marked a before and after in my life; so I longed to see what I was capable of accomplishing with my will. A few days after starting to read, observing and directing my attention where I wanted, I began to notice the results with small things. The magic was happening. At that time I worked a few hours in a Creative Digital Agency as Creative Director there, but my dream was to be a photographer, it had always been, for h or for b I never had enough money to buy a camera, so I borrowed, I felt that having my own teams was impossible with the salary I earned back then. Still in the agency, a client, who was opening a new restaurant-bar for which we were going to take care of the communication, asked me if he could hire me as a photographer to take photos of some of his dishes and drinks, photos that were later going to be shown to us. serve as content for digital. Of course I accepted. I did the work with the camera that a friend of my brother had lent me. A week later, that same client gave me a camera. Yes. He gave me a camera. I was shocked at what was happening. It wasn't a professional camera, but it was a camera and an incredibly beautiful one. I thanked. A few days later, less than a week to be honest, a friend of my mother's friend lent me an approximate amount of what I needed to buy what is now my camera, after chatting one afternoon while we had tea I told her that I was seeing how I could do to gather all the money I needed to be able to buy it. I don't doubt it for a second “I'll lend you the money”. I was so stunned by the situation that I remember getting up from the table almost without saying hello and going to take care of some children, if in addition to working at the Agency and undertaking as a freelance photographer I was taking care of children. My mom's friend gave me a certain amount of money, but I knew that the camera here was worth more than that. Curiously, I got it with a discount that I found JUST the day she resigned from the Agency and JUST the amount of the envelope that my mother's friend had given me. Happiness, enjoyment, joy and gratitude. Smile from ear to ear. A new adventure was starting. The “I wish for a Canon 6D camera” was no longer a wish, it was a reality. A month later I was filming La Zimbabwe and UB40 at Luna Park. That same day before the recital, the client who had hired me to film the bands, whom I only knew by talking on the phone, gave me my first surfboard. Once in one of those phone conversations I told him anecdotally that I had spent the weekend with my friends in Miramar and that the plan was to go surfing from now on once a month, that I didn't have a board and that I rented it. He was originally from Necochea and he no longer used that board, he also lives traveling the world for work, he had an uncle of his bring it to me from Necochea. I remember waking up the next day at home and bursting into tears and telling my mom "I'm scared, everything I ask for is given to me" and she told me "don't be scared, enjoy and appreciate everything nice that happens to you". After years of reading, tests and self-knowledge, I understood that intention is different from wishing and that it is a huge responsibility because it not only involves one but the surrounding world, everything is in perfect synchronicity, neither before nor after, everything comes when we are ready for that to happen and everything affects everything around it like an expansive wave. Without fear, without doubt, but with certainty and perfect confidence. "Ask and it will be given to you" For those who were wondering, Today my friend who recommended the book to me is in Indonesia traveling for more than a year traveling through Central America and Europe.

This photo was taken by the talented Simon Fitz 

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