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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Inés, better known as "China," has captivated audiences across multiple countries with her photographic art and writings. Her main objective is to convey the life lessons she has acquired through both image and concept, creating art that engages all five senses. Her portraits and conceptual narratives intertwine with nature in its rawest and purest form, challenging the viewer's state of consciousness emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, leading to a profound encounter with their own soul.

China draws inspiration from freedom, the natural world, authenticity, playfulness, and breaking paradigms. Her travels fuel her understanding that life is a precious gift, shaped by diverse experiences

Autobiography of desire

A few years ago, I read my first book on how to increase the energy potential field of each human being. A very close friend lent it to me during a trip we took, promising that it had changed his life. He was amazed daily by how everything he desired after reading it came to him naturally. Excited, I started reading it when I returned to Buenos Aires. The past year had been particularly hard for me, marked by a significant crisis that divided my life into 'before' and 'after.' I was eager to see what I could achieve with my willpower.

A few days into the book, I began observing and directing my attention where I wanted, and soon, I started noticing results in small ways. The magic was happening. At the time, I worked a few hours as a Creative Director at a Creative Digital Agency, but my dream was to be a photographer. Despite always wanting to pursue photography, I never had enough money to buy a camera, so I often borrowed one. It seemed impossible to afford my own with the salary I earned.

One day, a client from the agency, who was opening a new restaurant-bar and needed us to handle the communication, asked if he could hire me as a photographer to take photos of some dishes and drinks for digital content. I gladly accepted and did the work with a camera borrowed from a friend of my brother. A week later, that same client gave me a camera. Yes, he gave me a camera. It wasn’t a professional one, but it was beautiful and very much appreciated. I thanked him profusely.

Less than a week later, a friend of my mother’s lent me the remaining amount I needed to buy what is now my camera, after we had a chat over tea about my aspirations. She didn’t hesitate for a second: “I’ll lend you the money,” she said. I was so stunned by her generosity that I remember getting up from the table almost without saying goodbye to take care of some children. Besides working at the agency and freelancing as a photographer, I also babysat.

The amount she gave me wasn’t enough for the camera at its regular price, but, curiously, I found a discount that matched exactly the amount I had been given, on the very day I resigned from the agency. I was overjoyed and immensely grateful. The “I wish for a Canon 6D camera” was no longer a wish; it was a reality. A month later, I was filming La Zimbabwe and UB40 at Luna Park.

That same day, before the concert, the client who had hired me to film the bands, whom I had only spoken with over the phone, gave me my first surfboard. In one of our conversations, I had mentioned that I spent weekends with friends in Miramar and planned to go surfing once a month, although I rented a board since I didn’t own one. Originally from Necochea, he no longer used his board and had it brought to me by an uncle.

I remember waking up the next day at home, bursting into tears, and telling my mom, "I’m scared, everything I ask for is given to me." She replied, "Don't be scared, enjoy and appreciate everything nice that happens to you." After years of reading, testing, and self-discovery, I understood that intention is different from wishing, and it comes with great responsibility because it involves the surrounding world. Everything is in perfect synchronicity—neither before nor after—everything comes when we are ready for it. It affects everything around like an expansive wave. Without fear or doubt, but with certainty and perfect confidence, "Ask and it will be given to you."

For those wondering, today my friend who recommended the book to me is in Indonesia, traveling for over a year through Central America and Europe.

This photo was taken by the talented Simon Fitz 

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