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Amor Latino

This collection is inspired in the spontaneous, colorful chaos of a little Ecuadorian town.
Once upon a time, Montañita was a toquilla plantation. We decided to honor the roots of this ancient weave and create a collection that shows the power of Latin love and the transformation of a tradition over time.
All our hats are original Greenpacha designs.
The SS23 is vibrant, fun, finely made with the fibers of the palm that grows in this land where we shot the campaign.
The scenes created themselves spontaneously. We are proud to say this collection is the most authentic one. It reflects the love for what we do: to share with the World the evolution of the Panama hats thanks to our great team work, the skill preserved by the weavers and the passion for creating new designs.
Each hat is handmade by a different indigenous artisan heart; so expect that each of them has a unique magic, like the love of a knitted grandma's sweater.  The discrepancies are part of the authenticity and should be celebrated as a symbol of preserving an artisanal and ancestral work of Art.
Enjoy the sun in fun style with your new Greenpacha hat.


amor latino.



SS 2018 "A day with Montana" 

Producida por Florencia Gomez Gerbi, Julieta Gomez Gerbi

Diseños de Sol Pardo

Dirección de arte y creativa Sol Pardo

Fotografia China Carracedo

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